AMS is an intuitive user-friendly Enterprise Asset Management product that helps track, manage, and administer assets through their life cycle from purchase to disposal.

FAM (Fixed Asset Management)

The FAM module lets you identify the location of an asset, the asset’s condition, who is using it, and it’s history irrespective of whether your assets span an individual or a group of companies. FAM can be used in conjunction with RFID/Barcode based detection to track Fixed Assets. FAM eliminates your compliance issues by automatically generating an asset register and schedule to the balance sheet. It is designed to enable seamless information flow between modules in FAM and also includes a detailed admin module that can help you manage users and their privileges.

  • Budgeting & Procurement
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Assert Audit
  • Asset Service Tracking
  • Fixed Asset Register
  • Request Management
  • Barcode Interface

ITAM (IT Asset Management)

The ITAM module helps control and manage your computer resources through their entire life cycle; covering Hardware Configuration, Software License Management, Purchase, Allocation, Movement, AMC, Service Management, and Disposal.

ITAM can work both agent-less and with an agent, and can cover group companies as well.

  • Auto IT Discovery
  • IT Asset Management
  • Request Management
  • Barcode Interface
  • Service Management

SM (Service Management Module)

The SM module helps track and manage service requests with SLA monitoring. It is supported by a detailed spares module. Standard decision-support reports are generated by this module. The Spares and Consumables Management module tracks their consumption and helps re-order them and manage stock. Importantly, the Service Management module is not limited by the number of users; enabling ease of use and faster service turnarounds.

  • Service Complaint Management
  • Spares & Consumables Management
  • Request Management
  • Barcode Interface