ICONMA Learning Management System (iLMS) is a flexible training and certification platform. Courses and assessments are available via mobile or web access. Curriculum can be created or imported from other training programs that adhere to industry standards.

How will iLMS Help You?

  • Deliver online classes
  • Schedule courses
  • Provide feedback on progress
  • Publish consistent instructions
  • Measure understanding
  • Online registration
  • Course schedules & enrolment
  • Content repositories
  • Dashboards
  • Online exams
  • Certifications & feedback
  • Online evaluations
  • Virtual learning

iLMS Features

  • Easy Course Creation
  • Self Learning
  • Self & Instructor Based Assessments
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Calendar & Events
  • Activity Feeds & Alerts
  • Resource Library
  • Robust Analytics & Reporting
  • Mobile Learning
  • Grading & Certifications
  • Registrations & User Management
  • Feedback Management
  • Third-Party Tools Integrations
  • PHP & SharePoint Versions

Salient Features of iLMS

Intuitive User Interface

Clean user interface guides trainees, content creators, and administrators

Personalization Features

Users can arrange their dashboards and include items such as course feedback, tasks, and events related to course work

Easy Navigation with Dashboards

View active courses, exams and user progress

Co-Ordinate Training Activities for Teams

  • Assign tasks and deadlines
  • Co-ordinate training activities centrally
  • Schedule by simply dragging an item to a specific date

Quickly Create Course Curriculum

  • Upload course content easily
  • Re-use SCORM compliant course curriculum
  • Attach files and video
  • Link to external web assets
  • Integrate with SharePoint repositories

Test Audience Knowledge and Retention

Easy Course Creation - Course creator can create questions for course assessment in less than 4 to 5 steps

Sophisticated Question Database – Courses can be augmented with questions that vary during sessions

Sophisticated Test Management – Question Database can create different test versions

Question Timer – Limit examination and self assessment durations, enable time periods for answers and reviews

Instance Assessment Feedback - Feedback is provided based on answers in real time

Reinforce Vocabulary and Key Terms

Online Dictionary available for users